Multistage Centrifugal Pumps​

GSB Range

The self balancing multistage pump by virtue of it's design completely eliminates any of the threats posed by axial thrust.

SRB Range

Reduction of major damage to rotating and stationary elements normally associated with failure of white metal bearings.

GHP Range

Robustly constructed to withstand the harshest mining environments, the pumps embody modern hydraulic design principles.

Positive Displacement Slurry Pumps


Triplex PD SP200

First launched in 1984, this pump is regarded as the bechmark for high pressure pumping applications across multiple industries.

Triplex PD SP600

This pump has taken the class-leading design and performance of the SP200 pump and tripled the flow rates.

Duplex PD FXG

Positive Displacement Slurry Pumps ideally suited to development phase and shaft bottom applications.