Scamont TRIPLEX PD SP200

Single Acting Reciprocating Plunger Pump

The SP200 is the pump of choice in high head slurryapplications and is adaptable to a wide range ofapplications.
First launched in 1984, this pump is regarded as the bechmark for high pressure pumping applications across multiple industries.

Scamont S200 Triplex Positive Displacement Slurry Pump

The most common application of the Scamont SP200 is in the mining industry where the removal of mud, slurry and dirty water from underground is of critical importance.

The Scamont range is the most advanced in the positive displacement slurry pump class because it incorporates innovative design features with proven mechanical technology. The pump casing is made from fabricated steel and stress relieved before machining, thus providing exceptional rigidity. The split-casing design allows for quick and easy maintenance and refurbishment to be carried out more effectively and efficiently than previous generation pumps. This includes the ability to replace bearings and gears with minimum effort.


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