Reciprocating Plunger Sludge Pumps

The Benchmark For High Pressure Pumping Applications


Triplex PD SP200

First launched in 1984, this pump is regarded as the bechmark for high pressure pumping applications across multiple industries.


Triplex PD SP600

This pump has taken the class-leading design and performance of the SP200 pump and tripled the flow rates.


Duplex PD FXG

Positive Displacement sludge pumps ideally suited to development phase and shaft bottom applications.


Flow and Pressure ComparisonScamont offers a full range of accessories for their positive displacement pumps. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Non Return Valves (Installed in order to limit slip flow on discharge valve)
  • Shear Relief Valves (necessary in every installation to limit max. pressure)
  • Plug Valves (used at start-up to obtain operating speed with load)
  • Accumulators and Air-chambers (used to obtain steady flow in discharge line)
  • Valve Seat Pullers (used to remove valve seats)
  • Plunger Extracting Tool (used to assist in removing plungers)
  • Sockets (specific to stuffing box, jackshaft and eccentric nuts)
  • Starter Panels

For more information, please contact a Scamont representative.

Pump Speed Max No. of Stages Max Head Max Flow Rate
SP200 100 rpm 20.7MPa 10.42 l/s
SP600 100 rpm 7.5MPa 28.92 l/s
FXG 80 rpm 5.78MPa 9.84 l/s
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